Monday, August 31, 2015

Triangles are my favourite shape

Israelis love music. We go around the world to see our favourite bands showing live, and we LOVE it. But there's nothing we love more than standing with thousands of other people in our own wet hot summer nights, shouting lyrics from the top of our lungs.
Now here are some facts:
Fact one - Israel is a pretty small country.
Fact two - the middle east is not a peaceful place.
Combine these two facts, and what you get is years of bands and artists not coming here, or scheduling concerts and then cancelling them.
When you live in Israel and an artist you love announces they're coming, you spend the time from the moment you buy the tickets until the day of the concert praying that no war begins suddenly, and that the artists don't cave under the pressure of anti-Israel organizations and cancel their show.
And sometimes, all the stars align and someone up there listens to your prayers, and a band you've been waiting for actually comes and gives a hell of a show.

That's what happened to us this last Sunday, when Alt J came here.

Pictures are by my boyfriend, who has a better camera on his phone than I do

About four months ago it was announced that Alt J were coming to Israel. I immediately sent the article to my boyfriend, along with a bunch of exclamation marks. In return, I received a link to an article saying tickets were already available.
So of course we immediately purchased two tickets, and it’s lucky we did because a few hours later they were sold out. Another show was set for the day after, for which the tickets were quickly sold out as well.
Then it was decided to move the show to a bigger venue to allow for more tickets, and those were - you guessed it - sold out.
We held our breaths for four months, and then August 23rd arrived, and the band was in Israel. *sigh of relief*
To be honest, as excited as we were for the show, we really didn't expect it to be THAT good. I mean, it was so good we hardly took any pictures, and didn't bother with taking videos at all - we were too busy having FUN.

He's also taller, which helps when you're taking a panoramic shot of the crowd at a concert.
And I have to say, nothing feels better than watching an artist humbled by the amount of love and appreciation a crowd showers on them, especially when you're part of that crowd.
The day I was on the train on my way home from work, and spotted some people who were clearly going to the second show. I was excited for them, and just a bit jealous...
The next big show we're praying won't be canceled is Kanye West in a month from now. I will definitely keep you posted on that. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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