Thursday, July 16, 2015

9 to 5

Remember how I thought I was never going to find a proper job, and would forever move between pointless temporary jobs? Well, luckily I was wrong. I found a job! (hence the lack of posting)
About a month ago I had a job interview, and I got a call back a few hours later saying I got the job. Since I had to give my notice to my previous employer, I only actually started the job at the beginning of the month.
I'm still figuring out my way around the job itself, but since this is also my first office job, I find there are a lot of other things that are new to me and require some figuring out as well. So here are some of them (in list form, because I-love-lists-and-how-is-it-possible-I-haven't-made-one-yet??):

Cliques / Intrigues
I know that this sort of thing is almost impossible to prevent - where there are people, there are groupings of people - but honestly, I don't think I've experienced this since high school (in my previous job at the store, we worked one person per shift, so this obviously didn't really happen).
It might just be little ol' paranoid me thinking no one likes her because she's new and doesn't fit in, but it honestly feels sometimes like there are impenetrable groups which I am not allowed to enter.
I know it might change after a while, once I find my place and my peeps, but for now it's a bit of a throwback to teenagehood.

Dress Code
In my various jobs I've encountered various dress codes that employees were expected to follow, some stricter than others. Having never worked at an office, though, I didn't really know what to expect (and what was expected of me).
I had a vague recollection of seeing people in the office wearing jeans and t-shirts when I went there for my interview, but still, for my first day I decided not to take too many chances. So I wore nice pants (that aren't jeans), a pretty plain shirt (that covered my shoulders) and closed shoes.
I spent the first week observing others to see what was acceptable, and since then I even went so far as to wear a dress (gasp!).
Still, I'm not entirely certain yet what is considered office-appropriate in this particular office and what isn't. I do no flipflops are strictly forbidden, but other than that people seem to be wearing everything.
Personally, I draw the line at short dresses/skirts, revealing tops and spaghetti straps (but that might change in time, considering I have a 10 minute walk from the train station to the office, under the Israeli July sun...).

Luckily for me, there aren't that many options for eating out in the vicinity of my office, so I'm not constantly wasting money on that. However, that does mean I have to make sure I always have food in the fridge to take with me to work.
Now, so far my boyfriend has been very patient with me in verifying my outfits and cooking my lunches, but that patience might run out at some point (and leftovers from his and my parents can only take me that far...).
Which means that some time in the near future I am going to have to start cooking for myself. Yikes.

I am going to leave you with that unpleasant thought ("What did you bring for lunch today?" "Oily pasta and burnt chicken!"), and finish this no-picture, lengthy post now.
Here's hoping I'll have more time to post again soon.

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