Saturday, September 26, 2015

My week in a nutshell #2

Since we are in the midst of the Jewish holiday season, we are enjoying some weeks of very few work days and very long weekends.
This week, however, was not so much a holiday as a holy-day (see what I did there?) - this week we had Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.
Traditionally, you're supposed to fast for 25 hours and reflect on your sins. I personally spend the day reading, sleeping and doing some thinking in between (mostly about how hungry and thirsty I am, but not only).
Just for the record, nowadays most of the people I know don't do any of those things, and simply enjoy the day off (including my boyfriend, which made for an interesting experience).
Anyway, as my Dad said - after Yom Kippur a new year begins, because you can start to sin again. So sure enough, just two days after fasting we went for a fun Happy Hour at our favourite cocktail bar (though let's face it - any cocktail bar can be in the running for that title. I mean - cocktails).
Then there was some shopping with my mom, and also a stroll around the farmer's market at the Tel Aviv Port.
Fun fact - we live right next to the port (which I don't take advantage of as much as I would have wanted), and my boyfriend's office is also located in it, so usually he does the market shopping on his way home. This week we decided to go together, and it was obviously lots of fun.
And just like any visit to the port, it ended with us eating ice cream and watching the sea (which I can do for hours).
This is what the Israeli Autumn looks like, by the way.
Next week we're going to see Kanye West! So hopefully I'll finally sit down to write a full post. Until then, I'll go back to enjoying my loooong weekend.

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