Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Little boxes

Last week I bought two storage boxes, and now I feel like I can conquer the world.
Allow me to explain:
When I was in the army, I'd come home every second weekend and there would always be a surprise waiting for me. Sometimes it would be a new shirt my mom decided to buy for me, and sometimes it would be MY WHOLE ROOM ORGANISED COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY.
As you can tell by the tone, I didn't like that sort of surprise all that much.
See, my mom likes it when things are tidy. Me? Well, I definitely appreciate tidiness, and I wouldn't call myself messy, but, well... I guess some people would.
I mean, when my stuff looks like it's in a mess to other people, but I still know where everything is, that's fine with me (like all messy people say: my mess has a system). But when it starts to bother me, that's when I know it's time to tidy things up a bit.
Enter storage boxes.
One of my mom's tidiness tendencies is putting things in nice storage boxes, which I never really understood - why would I put all of my cosmetic products in a box, and then put said box in another box with other cosmetic products? Why not just put them all on the dresser or shelf or whatever?
That was always my point of view, including when I was packing to move in with my boyfriend. Every cute little metal box I had and wanted to throw away (which is a big deal for me!), was somehow utilized by my mother: a box which once contained chocolate now contains warranty cards for all my jewelry; a cute box with cats is now the home of all my nail polishes, etc.

The problem starts when there's no room in the box to buy more...

So when we moved into our apartment, everything that I brought in a little tidy box, stayed that way. Mostly because I couldn't be bothered with changing it. Life went on, and little did I know more boxes were in my future...
(This should totally be the a cliffhanger to end part 1 of my story, shouldn't it?)
Our apartment, in case I didn't mention it, is small. Everyone who visits immediately describes it as "cute", which we all know is code for small. It also really is cute, mind you, but if there's one thing that I really don't like about this space, it's the bathroom with it's tiny rubbing-against-the-slimy-shower-curtain shower.
Now, as renters there's not a lot we can do to make the apartment really nice. We did put up some pictures with double-sided tape, and we try to keep things relatively tidy, since mess only makes a small space seem smaller.
The one place where we did a very poor job of keeping it tidy was (surprise, surprise) the bathroom. Whenever I wanted to clean it a bit, I had to move so many things from place to place, and the only thing worse than cleaning is putting things back in place when there's no clear order.
When I realized how much this was bothering me, I knew what I had to do (cue a voice softly whispering: "boxes..."). So I went to a home decor store close to my work, one of those places that sell cute knickknacks, and I bought these two bad boys:

In case you were wondering, the beard products aren't mine.

Oh, yeah... Notice the creativity in using a container made for cutlery for our hairbrushes? Notice the thoughtfulness in buying them both in different shades of white - not too matchy, and yet timeless?
Yes. This just might be my greatest achievement.

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