Sunday, June 7, 2015

About a cat

"Please refrain from taking my pictures."

Behold the cat on his throne! Comprised of a chair we had to put up against the wall to make room for cat stuff, and a quilt my mother made for us which we used throughout winter (and now we don't, on account of it's definitely not winter anymore).
Well, actually, this is just one of  his many thrones. Coffee table? Throne! Every centimeter on our bed? Comfy throne! On top of the toaster oven? Throne with a view!

I was not kidding.

See, when you get a cat you basically acknowledge your inferiority and relinquish sovereignty over your home. It dawned on me one morning, while emptying the cat's litter box, right after getting out of bed to feed him since he wouldn't stop nagging. While I was struggling to stay awake and digging in poop, I happened to glance to the side and see the cat napping on the sofa. That was the exact moment I realized that he was the ancient-Greek king, and we were the slaves feeding him grapes and waving a giant fan.
Okay, I know I complain, but in all honesty, we love that cat. Not only does he offer endless hours of amusement, he's also a total cuddle-cat who loves to snuggle up against you and have his belly rubbed. Besides, it's nice to have the company - my boyfriend and I don't always work the same hours (he works office hours and I do shifts at a store), so having the cat means we're never alone in the apartment.
Besides, if we didn't love him, would we get him this hideous monstrosity?


I just want to reassure you that we DID NOT pick this thing out at a store, and we definitely DID NOT pay money for it. My boyfriend just happened to find it on the street and decided the cat is going to love it (is this a thing in other places? Do people leave unwanted items in the street for other people to take?).
So far, the cat seems reluctant to this thing, which doesn't entirely upset me since every time I go to the living room and see it, a part of me dies. My boyfriend, who literally carried it on his back for about 30 minutes, will probably prefer a little more cat enthusiasm. 
Anyway, stay tuned for updates on the cat jungle-gym from hell!

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