Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sparse blogging

I'm finding blogging a lot harder than I thought it would be, for several reasons, the main one being that I can't commit to anything. I start something, get super excited about it, enjoy it for a short while and then can't be bothered with it anymore. I think it's typical to Geminis, and it makes for a nice excuse, but I'm not sure how much I believe in that.
Still, it's something I have known about myself for a few years now, but I actually don't know if I was always like that or if it started recently; just like another trait I've acquired: procrastination (incidentally, also something that makes blogging difficult).
As I already mentioned, I studied my butt off in school, complete with pulling all-nighters for math exams (if you found out how much I used to love math, you would probably stop reading this blog forever). But then university came, and studying-like-mad somehow turned to this-can-wait-till tomorrow. I still pulled all-nighters, but if I'm honest those were now mostly forced (I totally blame Pinterest).
So now I just constantly put off things I planned on doing, even enjoyable things, for no apparent reason. I always find time for another episode of The Good Wife, or one more round on Kitchen Scramble (to my shame); but anything else I ignore or decide to do later, the excuse being that it's going to take too much time and now is not the right time. And in case you were wondering: "now" is never the right time.
So this makes blogging a difficult task for me, especially combined with the fact that's it's hard to find things to write about. Which is funny, because I am the world's worst over-sharer. Let's say I'm having a conversation with a person I sort of know, like a friend's friend or a coworker. They will go home afterwards knowing way too much about me, and I will go on thinking "why the hell did I tell them all those things??".
Which things, you ask? Ah, well: my worst breakups, my biggest insecurities, my grandest failures (yes, it's mostly negative with me)... The worst thing is when I talk to that person again after a considerable amount of time, and they remember and refer to the stuff I told them. Gah, the horror. Can't we just pretend that conversation never happened?..
Blogging (or blogging for me, anyway) is a lot like those conversations, because I tell you way too much about myself and later wonder if I shouldn't have. In a way it's even worse, since the internet is forever, and if you don't exactly remember what I said you can always go back and check, because it will STILL BE HERE. I am going to have to think on that...

*    *    *

Yet another post with no picture! To make it up to you, here's a photo of the cat and I sleeping, as shot by my sneaky boyfriend (because people with cats will always show you pictures of their cats. Always.):

Look at that ball of cat! And no, I did not match the nail polish to the blanket on purpose.

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